Kryptonite Spanker Silver and Chinook Fly Tying Instruction Video

Jay Nicholas shows how to tie this simple very effective fly that is customarily fished in Alaska and is thought of principally as a Silver salmon fly, but this fly has been effective fished for kings and Chum salmon here in Oregon too, so consider it an all-around salmon fly, if you would be so kind.

The Fly is often sold and fished in large sizes like 1/0 and 2 but here in the Lower 48 it shines in sizes 4 & 6 and in Alaska it is more effective in the smaller sizes when silvers are feeling pressured.

Tie these sparkly salmon flies with or without dumbbell eyes depending on how deep you want your fly to fish.

Fish the fly on a strip, on the swing, or dead drifted depending on the salmon’s mood.

Key materials of the Spanker Kryptonite salmon fly are noted as follows:

kryptonite spanker

Hook: Gamakatsu SP11 3L3H #6
Thread: Veevus 6/0 or 10/0
Dumbbell Eyes in Size and color of choice; Hareline Pseudo Eyes
Body and Head in colors of choice: Hareline Cactus Chenille

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