Pollution in Paradise

Many readers of this blog probably have a few Willamette steelhead in their grip and grin photo collections, but it’s important to remember that not so long ago, the Willamette wasn’t much of a river.

Pollution in Paradise is a hefty reminder of the Willamette’s polluted history and an encouraging indicator of progress for anyone working on restoring the mistakes of the past.  The video was shot by Portland’s KGW TV in 1962 and features Tom McCall, who would go on to become one of Oregon’s most noted environmental champions in his role as Governor from 1967-1975.

Take 20 minutes and watch all six sections of the movie.  If you care about the future of the Willamette River, it’s well worth your time. To get involved with current restoration efforts on the Willamette, contact your local watershed council, the McKenzie River Trust, Greenbelt Land Trust, or Willamette Riverkeeper.

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

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2 Responses to Pollution in Paradise

  1. Marc Robershaw says:

    Makes me think of David James Duncan essays and talks about when the Willamette could have been considered “dead”. With 0% oxygen levels and fish not being able to enter the system. We have come far, still aways to go.

  2. Heather McNeill says:

    I was looking for that video awhile back. Thanks for posting it. Sometimes when I get discouraged we’re not making a difference, this huge improvement in water quality reminds me that it’s possible, and our voice, video, and information collection does make a difference.

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