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Sometimes, when I am slaving away at the computer, I get emails from friends who have been out on the rivers around Oregon, Washington and who knows where else. Here are a few that I have received in the last few weeks. Hope they whet your appetite for getting out there on the water wherever it is you love to fish.

And yes, whet is the correct spelling, related to use of a whetstone to sharpen tools, so its use here is to mean to sharpen your appetite for fishing. And yes, it’s correct to omit the apostrophe when using “its” in the possessive sense but to insert the apostrophe when using “it’s” in place of “it is”.  But  I am at a loss as to whether the period in the last sentence should be inside or outside the quotation mark.

Oh my, what a dry way to introduce some great photos.

Now there is one fine Sea-run cutthroat.

Name this shiny fish taken on the swing in WA recently.

One of our friends ties a really nice sparse Muddler.

Fruit of many day’s river commune, ready for release.

Have fun out there on the water kids.  And thanks for sharing your photos.

JN October  2013

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4 Responses to Photo images from friends…

  1. Andrew McFerron says:

    Nice bright ‘ho in that pic!

  2. Brian Hudspeth says:

    Oncorhynchus kisutch??

  3. Little Kyle says:

    Hey Jay,

    Period goes inside the quotation marks. Pretty much the only bit of information I retained from legal writing.



  4. rc says:

    In this case, the period goes inside the quote marks. Oh, and at the end of the photos you have, “JN October 2013.” It’s still 2012. And my appetite has been whetted.

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