Mahi Sandwich Fly Tying Video

Tony demonstrates how to tie a killer Chinook Salmon fly on a Pro Tube Microtube. Using a Drop Weight and a Pro cone the fly has added weight. Add your favorite trailer hook and you are set.

We like to fish this fly on a shooting head system with Intermediate Running line and a clear Intermediate Shooting Head. Rumor has it there are quite a few Salmon on the North Coast. Rain is coming folks, so are the Salmon, have the Mahi Sandwich ready along with you Comets and Clousers.

mahi sandwich tube fly

Mahi Sandwich

Hook: Protube Clear Micro Tube, Protube Chartreuse Medium Junction Tube
Body: Silver Medium Drop Weight
Wing: Hareline Tiger Barred Rabbit Strip, Mahi Green/Black over Chartreuse
Hackle: Chartreuse Dyed UV Polar Chenille, Chartreuse Chinese Saddle Hackle, Black Marabou
Head: Chartreuse Medium Pro Cone
Comment: A full meal deal for Fall Chinook

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