Real-Time Update on Nicholas’s Saltwater Fly Fishing Adventures

Oregon coast fly fishing

Jay and I were emailing back and forth this a.m. I had no idea he was in such a dire situation, until he sent this photo along. I chided him about a bad cast and he followed with this:

however, the lesson is NOT related to casting, the lesson is that one should not hold a fly in their mouth while leaving fly line laying in the bottom of the boat, lest one’s fishing buddy gets his feet tangled in the line and stumbles around, jerking vigorously on the line to get it freeā€¦.

and also, it is important to carry some wire cutters capable of cutting hook shanks

ha ha...

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4 Responses to Real-Time Update on Nicholas’s Saltwater Fly Fishing Adventures

  1. Two Dogs says:

    Geeez. Way to screw up a cool fly Jay. You have a lot of friends who are going to save this picture for a long time. Another argument for barbless. Get well soon.

  2. Jones, north wales says:

    Havent seen anything so pathetic since one of my rams caught his business in the electric fence. That ll be a smart walk into the clinic. Save the fly man!

  3. Sam says:

    Another excellent reason to use barbless and keep one’s tetanus booster up to date (~ 10yr).

  4. John Madert says:

    A nice pair of diagonal cutters can be a blessing when needed.

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