Rogue River Juicy Bug Fly Tying Video

Fall brings “half pounders” or one salt Steelhead into the Rogue River. Tony demonstrates how to tie a simple Juicy Bug pattern designed to catch these willing and exciting micro Steelhead. Feel free to use a single hook for the pattern, the doubles are for tradition sake. They do allow the fly to ride nicely in the water and if anyone even sniffs the fly they are on.

Juicy Bug

Hook: Mustad 3582BR #8 or Daiichi 7131 #8

Thread: Black Veevus 10/0

Rib: Silver Oval Lagartun Tinsel

Body: Rear-half Black Medium Chenille, Front-half Fl. Red Medium Chenille

Wing: White Arctic Fox tied “Rogue-Style”

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  1. dave jonasson says:

    I saw the video for the juicy bug fly. Do you have in stock or can you get the mustad 3582-br hooks? I prefer size 8 and 10, and tie a variety of flies for the Rogue River. Price, if available, in ounces of gold dust please.

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