Dean River Trip Slated for July 2013

Big runs on the Dean

Join the Caddis Fly at B.C. West July 6th-13th 2013. We will be swinging flies to fresh from the tide Steelhead and Chinook in one of the most spectacular settings that North America has to offer.

fly fishing for Steelhead on the DEan River

The Dean River has a reputation throughout the fly fishing community as being a “bucket list” destination for any avid Steelhead angler. Imagine swinging flies in runs that are within view of the Dean Channel, over fish that surfed in on that tide. Steelhead and Chinook that were pushing saltwater through their gills, while you were eating breakfast.

Clay on the dean

Chinook Salmon Fly Fishing on the Dean River Canada

B.C. West has an exceptional fishing program and is geared toward optimizing time on the water. Breakfast/Coffee at 5:15 a.m. fishing from 6-noon. Lunch (main meal of day) is served around 12:30. After lunch guests usually take a short siesta before the evening session of fishing from 4-8. Then it’s back to the clubhouse for dinner at 8:30. The food is off the charts. This schedule ensures that you will be swinging your fly during the most productive hours of the day.

Chinook on the Dean

Dean post 8

The river is divided into an upper and lower, with a treacherous canyon section separating the two. With B.C. West being the only lodge that offers fishing on both sections, I am absolutely convinced that they offer the most diverse and rewarding Dean River fly fishing experience. On the lower river you are fishing via a jet boat piloted by exceptional guides. With the canyon only being a 1 1/2 mile from the salt, all of the fish caught on the lower river are as fresh as can be. Most are sea lice ridden. The upper river is self-guided, using ATV’s to access the prime runs.

tye on the dean

My family and I were fortunate enough to experience the Dean this past July 7-14th, and the experience we had is beyond words. This is the first week that fishing takes place on the upper, and lower river. It is also one of the few weeks where fresh Steelhead and Chinook are available on the lower river. Stepping through a run with the opportunity to hook either a shiny Steelhead or Chinook doesn’t exist too many places.

What’s included?
Helicopter/Float Plane transportation to and from Bella Coola, B.C.
6 1/2 days fishing
7 nights at B.C. West, with amazing food, wine and beer.
Flies and tackle if needed.
Cost is $6250+HST

Space is limited reserve your spot now.

Questions? Call the shop (541) 342-7005


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