Is Fall Fishing Here Yet?

McKenzie Wild Trout

It’s been hot lately and fishing has slowed a bit locally. Steelheading on the McKenzie and Willamette has been a first light endeavour and even then it’s been a bit tough. Trout fishing has been best in the evening with small Elk Hair Caddis and Pale Morning Duns. On the Upper River Half Down Goldens and Possie buggers continue to produce but larger fish have been been tougher to come by.

Dick Fraser and Jeff Carr on the North Umpqua

The North Umpqua has been it’s usual tough self with anglers putting in their time being rewarded. It’s a great time to skate a dry fly down on the North. Ska-Hoppers, Muddlers, Curb Feelers and the like have been good choices.

Hopefully this weeks cooler temps will improve local Steelhead and Trouting. Fall shadows, cooling temperatures and better fishing are soon to come.

boat landing troubles

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3 Responses to Is Fall Fishing Here Yet?

  1. Skip Rotticci says:

    Is that a Koffler or Alumaweld? It looks like it is riding a little low in the water to be a wood boat!

  2. Dave says:

    She won’t start… I think maybe she’s a bit flooded.

  3. Chris Nanoski says:

    Just gotta let her sit for a few minutes then she’ll start right up!!

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