Underhand Casting Tips with Andre Scholz

Early this week we visited Seattle to hang out with our friend and Patagonia/Winston/Fishpond/Outcast sales rep Jon Covich. We did some crabbing which was amazing, had another look at the new for Spring Patagonia Fishing line up, and shot this video of Winston Pro Advisor Andre Scholz. Andre covers a few of the simple but critical aspects of using your underhand when casting a two handed rod.

Jon with Dungis

Widbey Island Crabbing


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2 Responses to Underhand Casting Tips with Andre Scholz

  1. Sam says:

    How about a scandi style casting class?

  2. nyc sanders says:

    i fly fish rivers constantly i have been fly fishing since i was 10 and i am 17 now but when i fly fish the lake i cant catch a thing unless i use power bait or chrome Thomas lures i was hoping you could tell me a fly i could use that would increase my lake trout catches. i don’t have an email if you could call give a ring at 541 525 4158 thanks

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