Sage Circa Fly Rod Review: Retro Excellence at hand…

Caddis Fly Shop Reviews new Sage Circa Fly Rods.

Just a quick note to announce the pending arrival of the new Sage Circa fly rods here at the Caddis Fly Shop. Sage has incorporated its new Konnetic Technology into several new fly rods (ESN, ONE, and Circa) for the 2012 and 2013 seasons. Setting aside all the sales promos, we think each of these vastly different rod types is well worth your time to cast, evaluate, and fish. Each of these rods features densely packed carbon fibers that are precisely aligned and embedded within a Sage proprietary resin – materials and processes that combine to produce slim profile, tough-as-nails, beautiful to behold fly rods – each with entirely different casting actions.

The Sage Circa is the first rod we have fished that blends the finest casting performance of slower tempo glass and cane rods. For years now, we have been enjoying the benefits of progressively lighter and faster fly rods, improving our game in wind, increasing our distance envelope, and allowing us to fish big nasty nymphs under indicators.

The Circa takes us back to our fly fishing roots, where slower actions of glass and cane were the norm, but the Circa offers genuine improvements over the best that glass and cane deliver, because Sage’s Konnetic technology produces a rod that is slimmer, lighter, with crisper recovery that increases casting accuracy over short and modest range presentations.

Circa Fly Rods are offered in line weights from 2 to 5, and in lengths of 7 ft. 9 inches and 8 ft. 9 inches. The Circa was voted ‘Best new fly rod in 2012”; this is a big and well earned “hello” in a time of innovation among the great rod makers across the fly fishing industry.

Sage Circa rods are beautiful, cast and fish like a dream, and are available for delivery any day now. Come on down to the Shop to experience these rods. I believe that you will find – like several of our guides and customers have – that these rods deserve a place in your fly-rod quiver.

Jerry Siem, Sage’s primo fly rod designer, says that the Circa will help educate and hone the casting skills of most anglers by providing clear feedback on each casting stroke. I can endorse the fact that Circa rods do more than bend into the cork. My perception was one of absolute connectedness from my fly reel through the line to my fly. Was it trick of my imagination? Give a Circa a few casts and decide for yourself.

We expect Circa Rods to arrive in the shop any day.


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