Native Fish and Flooding

McKenzie Rainbow

I got a brief update on native fish last week from Jay and it got me thinking about the current flooding and what happens to our beloved native fish during the high water. OSU has just released this press statement which I found very interesting. Hang on, keep tying and waiting, our rivers shall return to normal!

Check out the article here: OSU Native Fish and Flooding

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2 Responses to Native Fish and Flooding

  1. Sam W. says:

    One thing we can all do is pack an aquarium net and a collapsible bucket with us when the rivers recede to rescue fingerlings that seem to always get trapped during high water events. Every fish counts.

  2. David Jensen says:

    This isn’t a comment on the chocolate express roaring past my place, but a matter of interest and hope for many Eugene anglers who have fly fished the Wallowa River for steelhead in the winter. There is a real chance the Steelhead Train will chug again daily between Minam and Rondowa. To indicate your interest, email: They are taking the lead in trying to convince the new operator of the railroad to fire it back up before summer. If you’ve fished there with snow, wolves, mountain goats, and fish that have traveled 500 miles to bite you, you’ll want to go back. Walking the tracks in the snow is too much work.

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