Tough Winter Fishing Conditions Persist

High water steelhead

When you see Winter Steelhead swimming down the streets it’s time to hit the fly tying vise, check the fly boxes, and re-organize the tackle bag. When our rivers do drop back into shape the prime of the season will be at hand.

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6 Responses to Tough Winter Fishing Conditions Persist

  1. Two dogs says:

    Been waiting all day for someone to figure out this picture. This steelie isnt lost…you can tell by the bold coloration and set of his fins…he’s headed for the Caddis Fly to scam a free beer or thrre from Chris and check put what Jay has on his vise! Maybe even pick up a few items of UV to impress the ladies back at the river. Bet Chris even offers him a ride back he’s such a nice guy.

  2. Riverwalker says:

    I belive the picture is of Rock Creek Devil’s Lake. This is a typical scene during high water. Usualy the fish is a Coho, and there are still bright Coho comming in right now. I will walk 2 miles of the stream on Saturday to get a fish count.

  3. dave says:

    it most certainly is Rock Creek. it would be interesting to know just how many coho and steelhead are spawning up there these days.

  4. Riverwalker says:

    I walked Rock Cr on saturday. In the two miles that I surveyed there were 120 fresh Coho and no Steelhead. That’s a pretty good count for this time of year. A week before the flood there were around 400 fish for a three mile stretch. Yesterday I could not get to the upper mile because of downed timber.

  5. dave says:

    thanks riverwalker thats good info to know. the creek runs along the backside of my families property and i’ve spent lots of time hiking the river and looking at fish and always wondered just how many returned up there. seems like there is more now then there has been in the past 10 years or so. you doing these surveys for the SDWC or ODFW?

  6. Riverwalker says:

    I work for Lincoln Soil & Water Conservation District(SWCD). We work with ODFW and they use our data.

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