Upper Willamette 2013 Angling Regulations Proposal Planning Meeting

Mark your calendars now. It’s time to come out in support of native fish at ODFW’s public planning meeting next month.

When: Wed. Feb. 15, 7-9 pm
Where: LCC, Bldg 17, Room 308
Why: Outline the process for anglers to propose new or modified fishing regulations for 2013. Anglers will have until the end of February to submit proposals. See ODFW website for information about the regulation development process, guidelines and forms for submitting proposals, and existing staff proposals.

McKenzie River Wild Trout

The important proposed regulation for McKenzie River Anglers: Eliminate use of bait to reduce hooking mortality on wild trout in a non-stocked wild trout rearing area on the McKenzie River between Hendricks Bridge and Hayden Bridge.The objective of this regulation change is to create a production area for native rainbow trout in the lower McKenzie River that will add to the sustainability of the McKenzie River trout populations. This section of the river has excellent potential for production of large rainbow trout (see photo) for non-consumptive angler use. The new rule would reduce hooking mortality on wild trout in the non-stocked area while allowing the retention of hatchery trout that drift downriver from above Hendricks Bridge and allowing salmon and steelhead anglers to use bait during the peak of these runs. (Proposed by ODFW’s Kelly Reis, Jeff Ziller)

For more information, contact Jeff Ziller or Kelly Reis, ODFW, at 541-726-3515.

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2 Responses to Upper Willamette 2013 Angling Regulations Proposal Planning Meeting

  1. Snoopy Rodder says:

    Just remember folks, Joe Pishioneri, city councilman of Springfield OR, writting in behalf of the McKenzie Watershed Council to the ODFW Commission; he and the McKenzie Watershed Council are in favor to continue the use of bait on the section mentioned above.

    Elections are not that far away,


  2. fishface66 says:

    I am all for saving wild trout on the river, but when I see all these gas guzzling S U V s with save the salmon and trout stickers on their rigs pulling into a boat ramp. It makes you thing ” REALLY ” .

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