All Glo Chinook Salmon Comet Fly Tying Video

Have you ever walked to the spot and had a little time to kill before you could really see what you were doing. Glo in the dark fly patterns eliminate the need to twiddle your thumbs streamside! Give them a shot with the camera flash or a flash light and start fishing asap. Barrett’s All Glo Chinook Comet is an effective Comet style pattern that really lights up in the water.

All Glo Comet

All Glo Comet

Hook: Gamakatsu SL45 # 4
Thread: Uni Glo Thread 3/0
Bead: 5/32 Dazzle Bead Glo in the Dark
Tail: Uni Glo Yarn + Glo in the Dark Chartreuse Flashabou
Body: UV Chewee Skin Glo in the Dark
Colar Hackle: Chartreuse American Hen Hackle or Metz Hatchery Soft Hackle

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  1. Rob R says:

    I just lunged at my computer screen. Involuntary reaction. That thing is radical!

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