Fly Fishing for False Albacore on Montauk

East Coast report from Capt. Nate:

We met Captain Ken to help move his boat from New Jersey to “The End” Montuak… 2 tons of boat maneuvering through the most densely populated city in the US one could imagine tensions were high. Not to mention the trek was over 150 miles.



Montuak is mecca for salt water anglers in the Northeast. These are the fabled stomping grounds of Capt. Frank Mundus, home of the best guides and chowder in the area, and geographically positioned as the perfect intercept point for numerous marine species. In other words it is worth the effort!

False Albacore were abundant as we racked up double digit numbers on flies. Falsies average at or under 10 pounds, but feed at 20kts, and can achieve speeds in excess of 40mph.


Oh… and if you look at the size of that eye they won’t hit just anything! You can have fish blowing up all around you, but if you have over 15lb fluorocarbon on you won’t get bit! When you do actually hook one it is kind of like hooking a motorcycle. You begin to wonder if 200 yards of backing is enough for a ten pound fish! The flies are smaller angel hair baitfish and 9 and 10wts with clear intermediate line will get it done.


We even caught a porgie!

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3 Responses to Fly Fishing for False Albacore on Montauk

  1. Two dogs says:

    Is that where they got the song porgie and bass?

    Looks like a fun time.


  2. Token Trees says:

    come home nate.

  3. Capt. Nate says:

    I’m working on it! Just have a few more fish to catch…

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