Angel Hair Baitfish fly tying video

The Angel Hair baitfish is one of the hottest East Coast saltwater fly patterns around. It’s a killer on striped bass and false albacore, but it’s also an excellent pattern for Pacific pelagic predators. This easy-to-tie fly is a killer baitfish imitation for any saltwater fly rod quarry.


Angel Hair Baitfish
Hook: Gamakatsu SC-17
Thread: Uni-mono
Body: Super Hair
Underbody: White Angel Hair
Wing: Peacock Angel Hair
Eyes: Stick-on Hareline Big Fish Eyes

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4 Responses to Angel Hair Baitfish fly tying video

  1. Rob R says:

    Go team Staybent!!! Nice fly, too.

  2. left a note on the youtube page but thanks again for a great pattern i can see that having a lot of uses over here in scotland

  3. Melinda says:

    That is a nice fly. I like the glass eyes. I have been tying the instent bait fish seen in the incredible Art Of Angling Journal valume 1 issue 2. Sadly this wonderfull magizene was discuntinuded after about 4 years. consider your self very lucky if you owne a few issues of it. You can buy Angelina Fibers(Angel Hair) realy cheap at, 1/2 ounce for $3.50, 35 c0l0rs to choose from. Happy tying every one!

  4. brad pepping says:

    nice looking fly. how do you get enough bulk with angel hair as i find it quite flat.

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