Fishing, Hunting, and Conservation News, October 1913 – Part IV

This from the Oregon Sportsman


Mr. J. J. McCormick, of Eugene, Oregon, reports that his favorite way of fishing on the upper Willamette is in a boat. The river is navigable for good boat fishing as far up as Oak Ridge, which is situated forty miles east of Eugene. Boats can be taken that far either by rail or wagon. It makes a splendid trip to cruise down and fish. Of course, it takes an expert boatman as the water is swift in may places and is shallow and rocky, all of which furnished exciting sport.

Mr. McCormick reports that he makes his first trips early in April. He has made good catches as early as April 7th. Flies are used exclusively at this season. he has used the March Brown and the Blue and Red Upright, Gray hackle, Willow and Professor. The best months for fishing on the upper Willamette over this stretch of river are May and June. From about the Middle of July a spoon can be used to much better effect than a fly.

So concludes my transcription of reports from the October 1913 edition of the Oregon Sportsman.

Jay Nicholas

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  1. Horatio says:

    Wonder if the spoons of 1913 looked much different from today? Probably not, huh.

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