Pro Tube baitfish patterns from Johnny King

A few months back we posted some cool Senyo Lazer Dub baitfish patterns from Jonny King. Now Johnny is tying with Pro Tubes and is tackling east coast saltwater and trout patterns with this new gear. Here are some fly patterns and a note JK sent about the process:

Pro Tubes baitfish

Was just tying at the big NJ show a couple of weeks ago, and was introduced to the Pro Tube guys by my friend Bruce Berry, one of the Beulah reps. They set me up with some stuff to play with, and after watching some of your videos, and talking to Morten, I’ve been adapting some of the baitfish patterns to the Pro tubes. Here are some pix – thought you guys might be interested since you’re spending so much time on the Pro Tubes.

Pro Tubes baitfish

Pro Tubes baitfish

These flies all have the heaviest drop weights buried within the head of the fly. The style of fly is called a “Kinky Muddler,” because the head is made out of Kinky Fiber, and is featured (non-tube style of course) in this month’s Fly Fisherman magazine, for whom I write occasionally. I’m a novice with tubes, although I have had a relationship with the Eumer folks for a while, but mostly for the fur products.

I’m kind of intrigued by the Pro Tube stuff, which seems like it might have some saltwater or big trout applications too. Anyway, for what it’s worth, here are some pix of what I’m working on. In the salt, we always want the hook way forward – stripers hit head first. But I think these flies will work well on our big browns on the Delaware system, which has some enormous wild fish. Fun new toy to play with. Hope all is well in steelhead land.

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