Ground Hog Day 2011: McKenzie fishing fine

Ground Hog Day 2011 006

Lou took Kirk, of the Technical Men’s Conference (old dogs who have fished together for decades) down the Lower Mckenzie on Ground Hog Day. The river had dropped to a decent level, the sun was out, and a cool breeze brought some success. The standard patterns for 2010 carried over to work in 2011. Yes, the Possie Bugger, Mega Prince and bombing the bottom brought Kirk some fine early Mckenzie redsides. The window of opportunity during the day was a only a few hours. The measured water temperature was 41.5 degrees. With the river levels dropping and the weather remaining calm, it may not be a bad time to check out the lower Mckenzie.

Ground Hog Day 2011 003

Ground Hog Day 2011 002

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4 Responses to Ground Hog Day 2011: McKenzie fishing fine

  1. Jeremy Hendrix says:

    It was hog quest on the lower river this afternoon. Hooked and landed a nice 19in redside!!! Fish were few and far between but small nymphs did the trick.

  2. brian says:

    I know where I’ll be heading soon…

  3. Steve says:


    Need to hit the store for some nypho’s….

  4. Jordan Friese says:

    Nice work Jeremy, lets see those pics!

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