Bead Head UV Yarn Egg Pattern Fly Tying Video

This Winter Steelhead egg pattern can be used alone in shallow water, or dropped off a heavier egg pattern like a Lowly Glowly or a UV Yarn Steelhead Egg. Numerous color combinations can be effective, one could change the bead, or change the UV Steelhead Yarn. Dead drift this pattern for best success on Winter Steelhead.

Bead Head UV Egg Pattern

Bead UV Head Egg
Hook: Gamakatsu C14S
Bead: 5/32
Thread: Ultra Thread 140 Fl. Orange
Butt: UV Ice Dub
Body/Egg: Steelhead Stalkers UV Egg yarn
Veil: Hareline Egg Veil
Head: UV Ice Dub Hot Orange

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4 Responses to Bead Head UV Yarn Egg Pattern Fly Tying Video

  1. KC Biehn says:

    I just can’t bring myself to fish or tie an egg pattern, I guess I’m losing out.


  2. Owl Jones says:

    @KC – because?

    If a fish will take it for a food item, I’ll throw it. I’m not missing out just because it’s not an insect. Bugs aren’t all that special anyway…just ask any self-respecting largemouth bass.


  3. KC Biehn says:

    It reminds me to much of chucking and ducking! Those days are over and I’m not looking back but by all means fish what makes you happy. I try not to push my kind of fishing on anyone.

    Just my 2 cents

  4. mlwebb says:

    I was tying some similar lifters last night – simple, effective, what’s not to like?

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