New Fishpond Gear for Fall/Winter 2010 and 2011 Season

Jon Covich the Northwest sales representative for Fishpond as well as Winston Fly Rods, Outcast Sporting Gear, Oakley Polarized Sunglasses and Patagonia Fly Fishing stopped by the shop the other day to show off some new gear.

The new Fishpond gear includes cool chest packs, Satchels, and vests.   The Piney Creek Tech Pack,   Elk River Youth Vest Marabou Vest, and the LodgePole Fishing Satchel are brand new packs and vests available now. New Gear Bags like the Lost Canyon Gear Bag is also in stock.   The completely new Sporting Club Collection will be available this coming spring of 2011.–CD

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  1. Owl Jones says:

    Great looking gear from Fishpond! About the only thing I can say with regard to “chest packs” is that I’m surprised that almost every company is going back to the “around the neck” style of pack. I tried a major name brand pack years ago that featured this kind of wear style and because I carry a little more than a minimal amount of gear, it gave me neck and head pain to such a degree that I had to return it for something with an “over the shoulder” style. IMHO Fishpond is the leader in innovative fishing packs and vests, but I’m a little disappointed to see them using the neck loop style. That said, it could be just me and not everyone will have the same likes and dislikes about any pack. Kudos on a great video and some great new products.

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