Trailer Party: Greatest Migration and Low & Clear

Two radical trailers to watch. In the first, check out ODFW Fisheries Honcho Ed Bowles going after the Lower Snake River dams. In the second, just a beautifully shot trailer of the 2010 Drake “Film of the Year”.

The Greatest Migration Teaser from Epicocity Project on Vimeo.

LOW & CLEAR Official Trailer from Finback Films on Vimeo.

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5 Responses to Trailer Party: Greatest Migration and Low & Clear

  1. Phillip Bennett says:

    some cool guys cant wait to see it

  2. Owl Jones says:

    Hey, I think I’ve fished with that guy. No wait. It was another jerk. 🙂 LOL

  3. gregH says:

    Matt – reminds me, are you doing a video “screening” of local shorts?? I might actually have an entry this year…. Ha!! GH

  4. Chris Deppa says:

    A Prayer for the Salmon’s Second Coming, by good old Mr. David James Duncan, is a great read for anyone looking to turn their dislike of the lower Snake River dams into full blown hatred. It would provide some good background info for anyone planning on seeing Greatest Migration.

  5. Eric Roorback says:

    It’s amazing that this film has Townes Van Zandt’s son in it, and I love that in the trailer JT is singing his dad’s song “Dollar Bill Blues.” I saw him in the documentary on Townes (Be Here to Love Me) fly fishing; it’s awesome to see that there is now a documentary with him about fly fishing. Can’t wait to see it! Does anyone know when it comes out?

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