Bigfoot on the McKenzie River follow up

Last summer, Caddis Fly employee Jason Cichy stumbled onto Bigfoot in one of our blog videos. What appeared to be two large hominids were recorded walking around in the frame. Clay Holloway reported the sighting to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, and the video you see here is the on-site scientific analysis of the scene, as well as documentation of bigfoot prints found in the side yard of Ike’s Pizza.

Enhanced footage included below:

The original: Watch around 1:30. It’s up to around 88,000 page views. We want to believe.


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3 Responses to Bigfoot on the McKenzie River follow up

  1. Great bigfoot evidence video. The footage looks very much authentic with no editing .
    I personally strongly believe in the bigfoot theory. Please keep on posing more info on this. – Capt Brad.

  2. David Jensen says:

    Thanks for the footage! I have lived on the banks of the McKenzie for 30+ years, and have had a feeling that Sasquatch was among us up here. One night earlier this fall, I was leaving Ike’s after several hours, and smelled something pungent, even more than a bear. I do not like to admit it, but I had an overwhelming need to relieve myself, and when I did, I saw a perfectly formed BIGFOOT, identical to that you found in the bushes at Ike’s. Your contribution to science and the understanding of these gentle giants is admirable.

  3. Hi! If you guys ever have any more experiences with possible bigfoots, give me a shout and we will come investigate. We’re also willing to debrief and reassure folks after an encounter. We’re a local group and we’ve been out that way numerous times finding interesting things! Love your video! Cheers!

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