A Great Week: Weddings and fly fishing do go together.


A major life event occurred for Lou over the Labor Day Holiday. His daughter was married on Sunday at Sunriver. As the father of the bride there was only one way to get over the stress and joy: Go Fishing! So I took advantage of the following:

Sunday (yep, the day of the wedding) at the request of “we are getting our hair done this morning, can you leave for a few hours?” So, where else to go from Sunriver for a few hours; Fall River! The mid day hours brought out a nice hatch of what appeared to be tan duns. So, I used the tan sparkle dun and found success.

Monday: My brother and son stayed after the wedding and wanted to fish the next few days. We packed up and headed for Ken’s “cabin” at Sunriver. We prepared for Diamond Lake. We strung up a Sage 99 5 weight (9′ 9″) with some snot line, a Gloomis Stream Dance 9′ 6 weight with a full intermediate sinking line, and a Sage Z Axis 9′ 5 weight with a floating/fast sinking tip.

Tuesday: Diamond Lake; A Carey Special produced the above photo of a personal record trout for my son from Ken’s boat. Casting and stripping Thin Mints also proved to be very productive.

Wednesday; Crane Prairie provided a few fish trolling very slowly with small leech patterns and chironomids.

Thursday: We hit the Alsea for a few sea runs. The Borden Special took all we could handle on a nice overcast morning.

Friday: We hit the lower Siletz and found some sea runs chasing the Spruce and Borden Special. We fished the outgoing tide and found fish just above tidewater.

Saturday: No fishing today! Just getting back to almost normal. Bottom line; A Great Week!

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4 Responses to A Great Week: Weddings and fly fishing do go together.

  1. gregH says:

    Nice!!! Love the combination of weddings and fishing – well done Lou. GH

  2. Chris N says:

    I used to live right on the Alsea… caught trout, sea runs and salmon on the fly… I need to get back up there… not alot of fly fishing in Phoenix Az…

  3. David Jensen says:

    I understand this, completely. I got married at Steamboat Inn on the North Umpqua. Fished the fabled camp water the morning of the blessed event. Still married, still fishing.

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