Rainbow Bead Steelhead Damsel

In our latest video Jay Nicholas utilizes a new bead, UV Chewee Skin, and a new bobbin. All products/materials come to us from Hareline Dubbin. The Multihued Rainbow fly tying bead gives any fly an exotic array of colors within each given bead. The Stonfo Elite adjustable tension fly tying bobbin is well built, easy to use and smooth as silk. UV Chewee skin has already proven to be a “fishy” material this year (check out our green caddis pattern). The Rainbow Bead Steelhead Damsel is a great fly when imitating damsels in lakes or rivers. The simple pattern can be fished on a floating or sinking fly line.–CD

Jay's Rainbow Bead Damsel

Rainbow Bead Steelhead Damsel

Hook: TMC 5262 # 10
Bead: Multihued Rainbow Bead 1/8
Thread: Lagartun 95D Olive
Tail: Grizzly Soft Hackle Olive
Body: Mixture of Angora goat Olive, Ice Dub Olive
Wingcase: Chewee Skin UV Black
Throax: Same as body

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  1. Rob R says:

    Steelhead damsel? You must have heard my prayers…

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