Tangling with Coastal Spring Chinook

Tillamook County dished out some super-mega-chromers last weekend.

Rob Russell chromeness

My buddy Mariusz finally got to tangle with a coastal springer, after a couple of fishless attempts in past years. Just look at all those long-tailed sea lice! Tillamook’s rivers were still high enough for easy boating, and clearing up nicely. We shared the water with a lot of other anglers, and most everybody had a fish story to tell. The Wilson, Trask and Nestucca will continue to offer supreme chromeness for at least two more weeks. Summer steelhead are now present in large enough numbers to support swinging flies on dry lines. And the Pelican Brewery has a new summer ale that goes perfectly with Dory-caught fish and chips. Life is good…Happy Summer! -RR

Rob Russell chromeness

Rob Russell chromeness

Rob Russell chromeness

Rob Russell chromeness

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3 Responses to Tangling with Coastal Spring Chinook

  1. Jay Nicholas says:

    And you told me you were going to fish Klamath Lake. Fine. Be that way. SP.

  2. Ethan Nickel says:

    Nice work. Beautiful images, that steelhead is as bright as they come.

  3. Nice Fish! Those are some amazing looking steelies!

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