McKenzie River Fishing well Top to Bottom

Fly Fishing near Eugene on the lower McKenzie has been excellent of late. The water has dropped into shape nicely and a variety of tactics have been catching fish. Nymphing, swinging wets, and fishing Pale Morning Duns, Green Drakes, Green Caddis, Brown Caddis and Little Yellow Stones on the surface has been very productive. The Upper McKenzie has also been fishing well especially when temperatures get near 70 degrees. Brown Caddis, Green Drakes, Golden Stones, Possie Buggers, Tungsten Ice Princes, and Little Yellow Stones for the upper McKenzie. We are heading into some fantastic fishing weather over the next week. Seventy degrees and cloudy, just perfect.

Mr. Cutthroat

Upper McKenzie cutthroat

Mr. Rainbow

upper Mckenzie rainbow

Mr. Bull Trout

upper mckenzie bull trout
Very cool! The Possie Bugger catches Bull Trout too!

Very disappointed we didn’t get a shot of some of those beautiful “golden wigglers” Mr. Whitey just wouldn’t sit still long enough to get photographed. Could have been a “McKenzie Slam” of sorts.–CD

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  1. Ron R says:

    Nice Bull! How far up-river was he?

    That Cut was gorgeous too.

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