Double Dip Float on the McKenzie River

Caddis Fly employee Jason Cichy describes a recent trip on the McKenzie. How lucky we are to be able to so comfortably put the boat in on numerous sections of the McKenzie. In Jason’s case twice in one day!

Before the recent onslaught of high water, my friend Eliot and I headed out to the McKenzie for a day of steelhead followed by upper river trout fishing. Eliot, a definite steelhead junkie, was heading to Alaska in a couple days for his summer guide gig. But interestingly enough, he was sad about the idea of leaving what could be the best summer steelhead season in the valley since the advent of the Skagit and Scandi Compacts. The day started off well, as we hooked a couple of chromers early in the day.

McKenzie River Steelhead

The rest of the trip was a bit tougher as the boat traffic seemed to put the fish down. But as if we were ornithologists just looking for birds, we were mesmerized by the bluish/chrome ghosts showing themselves in the intermittent windows that the river would give us. “Hoo, HEhe.” as Lani Waller would say.

After this I was able to convince Eliot to do a quick trip up river for a change of scenery and to see what was going on. Lucky for him, his last McKenzie trout of the spring was a beautiful native.

Wild Rainbow on the McKenzie)

As the water drops and we head into summer, it is looking like an great year to dedicate yourself to the many opportunities we have in our local area. I am sure this summer, on my days off I will find myself on the same fishing plan as above, and maybe even topping it off with some in town bass/panfish action.

Sorry Eliot that you had to leave Oregon bliss for hard-ass work in Alaska.–JN

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  1. Matt Eifler says:

    That first pic is great. Total bliss on those faces (not the fish’s faces, so much).

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