Rivers will fall….be ready!

Patience is the key for anglers the past few days. Mother nature was pouring it on literally all over the Northwest the past few days. Rivers have risen to new highs but the near term forecast shows warm days a head with angling opportunities getting back on track. Here is the latest:

Diamond Lake
When we called the resort marina the staff was collecting boats from the beaches! Looks like heavy winds came in last night but things have calmed down. Despite the inclement weather the fishing has remained strong. Damsel nymphs, Carrie Specials, Electric Leaches, Cascade Buggers and chironomids are still working well. Midges are beginning and warmer weather will certainly bring on the hatches.

Crane Prairie Reservoir
Fishing remains good at Crane with Chironomids leading the way for fly anglers. Conditions should improve each weekend day.

Metolius River
Uncharacteristically, the Metolius was high and muddy today. Look for clearing this weekend with PMD’s, a good source for success. Green Drakes should not be to far from coming out due to the pending warmer air temps approaching.

Mckenzie River
The Upper Mckenzie will bring the first clearing. Look for Green Drakes and Golden stones to be productive.

Deschutes River
The river is up to 6500cfs at Madras. That’s pretty big for an already big number. Once the rain and wind pass by the Deschutes things will come back quickly and despite being high for a while 80 degrees is going to do wonders for both fish and angler attitudes. While the Salmon Fly hatch has wained look for fish to still eat Golden Stones like Larimers and Golden Stone Rolling Stone. Be prepared to tie a Red Copper John off the hook bend of you larger bug. If the surface activity is tough fish caddis pupae in advance of caddis hatches to come.–LV

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