Lower Willamette Produces

Lou took “the boys”, Ty and Clay, out for a day on the lower Willy. They had not seen the lower Willamette and by the end of the trip, they were impressed.

Sunday offered up some fine cuts. Strong runs with some nice airborne activity made lasting impressions.

Lakeview & team Hollaway 041

The hot patterns on this trip were the Hot Butt CDC Caddis, Lou’s Brew (a brown CDC soft Hackle) and March Brown Wet. The hatch conditions were near perfect.

Air temp was warm with high overcast. We had March/April? Brown hatches first and then followed by tan caddis. The hatch was strongest late afternoon. Most of our fish were caught either on top or on the swing. It was a great day to be out and have “the boys” see the Willy up close.

Lakeview & team Hollaway 047

Lakeview & team Hollaway 044

Bottom line there is nothing like NATIVE FISH!

Lakeview & team Hollaway 048

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6 Responses to Lower Willamette Produces

  1. Rob R says:

    Sorry we missed you Sunday, Lou. We were on the water by the time you called, running from Beltline to Crossroads, no fish. The day before we successfully ran the I-5 to Buena Vista float and learned that the first wave of kings were only about two miles downriver from BV. We were one day early! Lost one winter, no other grabs other than smolties.

  2. Clayton Holloway says:

    Lou is the man!

  3. gregH says:

    King of the Harrisburg Stretch you are…. well done captain!! let’s fish for Steelhead in that section, eh??

  4. fishergirl267 says:

    Those boys are sure lookin might fine,,, and the fish too!

  5. fishergirl267 says:

    do y’all do river trips?

  6. Ty says:

    Fishergirl267: We’ll do any kind of trip you would like.

    -The Boys

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