Streaker McKenzie Green Caddis

In this video Barrett shows us one of his favorite adult Green McKenzie Caddis patterns. The Streaker McKenzie Green Caddis fishes well dead drift or skated across the surface with added movement to emulate the active adult caddis. The spun comparadun deer hair head gives the fly a “muddler” like quality that fish cannot resist. Look for the McKenzie Green Caddis emergence to begin any day now.–CD

Streaker McKenzie Caddis

Streaker McKenzie Green Caddis

Hook: TMC 100 or Daiichi 1180 #8-12
Thread: 6/0 Black Uni-Thread
Body: Micro Velvet Chenille Green McKenzie Caddis
Underwing: Dun Sparkle Emerger Yarn
Wing/Head: Dyed Dun Comparadun Deer Hair treated with Watershed

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