Middle Fork of the Willamette Report

Thursday was another bright warm day on the Middle Fork, with a billion Grannom Caddis. Frankly I am getting a bit tired of these little guys. Swarms of bugs and very few fish up is simply disheartening. The water on the Middle Fork is in perfect shape and fishing should be much better than we had this past Thursday. Ideal weather is in our weekend forecast, warm and possible precip should have the fish looking up.

We did have a few fish rising and unable to get a few of the standards that usually work during the caddis hatch ( Parachute Adams, X-Caddis, Royal Wulff ) I put on a CDC Green McKenzie Caddis and it worked. Hopefully this is a good sign and we will see a good Green Caddis hatch this year.

CDC Green Caddis Middle fork bow

Black Stonefly Nymphs and Golden Stonefly nymphs were the other winners for the day.–CD

Rainbow on the Middle Fork

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  1. Jim says:

    I hate grannoms, seems like the trout just ignore them. Or get so full they quit eating…

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