How to tie and rig tube flies with Jay Nicholas

In this three part video series Jay demonstrates how to use a tube fly adapter tool, how to tie a simple tube fly and how to rig your terminal end when fishing tube flies. Tubes have incredible potential for various fly tying applications these videos simply scratch the surface.

HMH Tube Fly Tool
HMH Tubes

Jay’s Egg Sucking Leech Tube Fly

Tube: HMH Small plastic Tube
Thread: Lagartun X-Strong Fl. Orange
Body: Crosscut Rabbit Black
Flash: Mirage Flashabou
Eyes: Pseudo Eyes
Head: STS Trilobal Dub

Video 3 Rigging Tube Flies

Gamakatsu C14S Glow Bug Hook
HMH Tubes
Gamakatsu SC15 Hook
Hareline Super Eggs

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5 Responses to How to tie and rig tube flies with Jay Nicholas

  1. Matt Lund says:

    Hey I was wondering if you could show us all how to tie a waller walker? I got the summer steelhead dry fly buzz!!!

  2. John says:

    Thank you for your videos and keep them coming! I just started trying flies and I love watching your videos and getting expert tips! Thank you for your time and thank Chris D. for this blog! Thanks to all you guys who contribute to this blog and helping average Joes like me!


  3. Jay Nicholas says:

    Not me. Not ’till I learn to tie the buggers. BUT I will be doing some deer hair spinning and muddler videos soon, so stay tuned. Dry fly “steel” – whoaboy.


  4. Jay Nicholas says:

    John: you are very welcome. Chris and Barrett and I are constantly brainstorming more new stuff so fasten your seat belt for more fun to come.


  5. Matt Lund says:

    Thanks! I gotta wait until at least July, but hey what can say. Got a few last summer swinging dries and it blew my mind! I look at the site daily. Love it.

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