Middle Fork Willamette Report: It’s Still Good

With promising reports streaming in from the lower Mckenzie, I decided some subsurface sampling on Middle Fork of the Willamette was in order.  I’m a misanthrope like that and besides, I resolved to fish the MFW at least once a month this winter and I already skipped January.  I caught the warmest couple hours of the day and saw a bunch of BWOs that interested me more than the fish.  Fortunately, a few trout couldn’t pass on my nymphs.  The biggest rainbow of the day (16″) ate a #12 Copper John tied on a 1X long hook.  The Mega Prince also produced but the Copper John was definitely hotter.–KM

Middle Fork Willamette Rainbow (February)

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2 Responses to Middle Fork Willamette Report: It’s Still Good

  1. jebby says:

    Fished with the same setup (mega & copper john) below Hills Creek and didn’t even get a hit until about 4pm. Got three in about 30 minutes, the biggest about 16, then it shut off.

  2. Rob R says:

    Wow! I owe you $5. Awesome fish & photo!!

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