Sturgeon ON THE SWING!


Just kidding… we are trying though so stay tuned! It has been done before and with a slow swing and some T-17 the sturges won’t know what hit them. We did catch some on light tackle and it’s a welcome break from winter fishing! Speaking of a taste of spring Thursday is going to be a great day for the Ocean and in the 60s so keep that in mind if you are able to break away.


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7 Responses to Sturgeon ON THE SWING!

  1. chromedout33 says:

    that is no longer cool since it wasnt on the swing

  2. Bpaul says:

    You so sucked me in with that title on my subscription roll. Well done, I almost feel like I’ve been Rick Rolled. LOL.


  3. Scott Kinney says:

    Pull that off and we’ll have to see about ordering you a coonskin cap!

  4. damn you. you must pay for that.

  5. Matt Stansberry says:

    Some guys on the Washington boards say you can do it with 12wt, shooting heads, bunny strips and shrimp oil:

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