Native Fish Society gets behind McKenzie Hatchery Trout reduction/removal, goes Web2.0

The Portland-based conservation organization, Native Fish Society has come on board to help our Trout Unlimited chapter reduce or remove hatchery trout in the McKenzie. I recently joined the ranks of the River Steward program for the McKenzie and NFS has agreed to fund some upcoming projects on the hatchery issue.

The organization is also expanding its presence on line. If you haven’t already — sign up to become a fan of the Native Fish Society on Facebook to stay up to date on fisheries conservation issues in the Northwest.

NFS also has several bloggers, including:

NFS Founder Bill Bakke’s blog, Home Waters and Wild Fish
River Steward Coordinator Russell Bassett’s blog, WildFish4Every1
Mia Sheppard, River Steward on the John Day and with Little Creek Outfitters blog, Metalhead
River Steward, Sierra Club coordinator and Steelhead Stud Jeff Hickman’s blog, The River Writes
Will Atlas, NFS North Puget Sound Steward, operates the FFF’s Osprey Steelhead News
Shane Stewart, sea-run cutthroat steward and conservation curmudgeon writes The Quiet Pool.

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