Crystal Clear Liquid Fusion: Epoxy-light for fly tying

Definite product recommendation: Crystal Clear Liquid Fusion. This water-based clear urethane glue works and looks like epoxy, but without the mixing or smell. Great for coating eyes and heads. This stuff can be thinned down with water for faster penetration, or more delicate work like wingcases.


Normally I wouldn’t nerd out over glue, but this stuff made it really easy to put together small Angel Hair Baitfish — it helped glue the eyes and fill the gap on a small fly. FYI — on bigger flies, it didn’t fill in the gap. Small flies, small gap, this stuff is much easier to work with than epoxy. Also, it’s a good replacement for standard glue. Finishes really clean, no cloudy residue.

Saltwater fly fishing


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2 Responses to Crystal Clear Liquid Fusion: Epoxy-light for fly tying

  1. I will have to pick up a bottle. My wife and kid hate the smell of Expoxy. Even if I try and whip it up in the garage. Thanks!

  2. Vince (Davis, CA) says:

    I just got a bottle from a friend. Great stuff! Absolutely better than any other product out there.

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