October Caddis Fly Tying Contest Entries

Two weeks remain to get your October Caddis pattern entered. Hareline Dubbin is sponsoring the contest and we have had some excellent bugs mailed in and dropped off.

The October Caddis emergence is occurring on our local waters. Currently there seem to be more bugs on the upper McKenzie than anywhere else. As the weather cools and September moves on, the October Caddis adults will be present in nearly all of Oregon’s rivers. Check out some of the entries so far.–CD

Harsey Octobolator Caddis
Hook: TMC 2302 size 8
Body: Hareline Dubbin Angora Fl. Fire Orange
Rib: Ultra wire gold small
Wing: Elk Hair
Hackle: Brown
Thread: Fly Master Plus Orange


October Caribou Caddis
Hook: TMC 2312 # 10
Thread: Orange 6/0
Body: STS Trilobal Golden Stone mixed with Caribou
Under wing: CDC Super Select Mahogany Brown
Wing: Brown Swiss Straw Clipped to shape
Head: Body Mix with a few less Caribou fibers


October Caddis Adult
Hook: Mustad 79580 #10
Thread: Uni Mono
Abdomen: Latex
Thorax: Gray Dubbing
Legs: Paint Brush Fibers
Eyes : Burnt Mono
Antennae: Hackle Stem
Wing: Mottled Turkey Feather


Irresistible October Caddis
Hook: TMC 200 # 8
Thread: Black 6/0
Tail: Natural Brown Deer
Body: Dyed Orange Deer Belly Hair Spun
Wing: Natural Brown Deer
Hackle: Black


MT’s October Caddis
Hook: 2x long Nymph Hook #6,8
Bead: Black Nickel
Under body: .20 lead wrapped from hook point and the wrapped back to mid shank
Body: Orange Pearl Core Braid
Hackle: Brown Strung Saddle
Collar: Peacock Ice Dubbing


V.O. Caddis (Voltaic October Caddis)
Hook: Alec Jackson # 7
Thread: Ultra GSP
Under body: Flymaster A (for building up body shape), white
Under rib: Ultra Holographic Mylar, Copper
Rib: Medium Ultra Vinyl Rib Orange
Thorax: Ice Dubbing Peacock
Wing Pads: Medallion Sheeting Gray
Legs:  (4) Golden Pheasant Tail fibers over CDC fibers, Black
Head: Spun CDC black


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2 Responses to October Caddis Fly Tying Contest Entries

  1. Austin says:

    Man, the “October caddis adult” is super realistic, I dig it!

  2. Brian says:

    crikes, I gotta get on it! The V.O. caddis looks great… ok, to the vice!


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