Green Drake Parachute fly tying video

In this new fly tying video, Barrett shows you how to tie a high-floating green drake dry fly for the Upper McKenzie River.


Green Drake Parachute
Hook: TMC 100 Size 10
Thread: 6/0 Unithread
Tail: Moose
Body: Dark Olive Goose Biot
Wing: CDC Dark Olive
Thorax: Dark Olive Dry Fly Dubbing
Hackle: Dark Olive Dyed Grizzly Rooster Saddle

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  1. David says:

    Barrett seems young to be, in my opinion, a very accomplished fly tyer. He does a really good job explaining what he’s doing. The audio and video quality is very good. I can actually see the fly and understand what he’s saying. I’ve seen several of his videos and they are all well done. Now to tie up some green drakes!

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