Oregon Coast fishing report

Yesterday the Pacific Ocean out of Coos Bay was a busy spot. Hundreds of boats launched out of Coos and undoubtedly numerous other Oregon ports were just as busy.

We had our flies and hardware in the water around 9am.  Marking fish on the fish finder immediately we had high expectations. By 11:30 our spirits had been pretty well deflated, not a bite, not a sniff, no bait slicks and nothing to keep us interested in trolling. Salmon numbers are excellent and the bite should pick up over the next couple of days but yesterday was just not our day.  Contemplation now, do we try to run out to the “Tuna Grounds” 12-25 miles out where waters warm to 62 degrees. The ocean is nice but that is a long run to start mid day, we decide to go give the inshore rocks a go with flies and buck-tail jigs.

Our first spot is a familiar one,  and yeilds a few fish on Clouser Minnows fished off of 25ft of T-17 attached to a sinking running line. Now the ocean is flatenning out a bit, we want to explore a few more of the millions of rocks, cracks, cuts, and reefs that the Oregon inshore fishing offers.  A few spots later  we find the mother load! Ethan is getting a fish every single cast. We are catching fish on flies and jigs cast near a kelp bed and rock pile. Who knows how many fish are in this spot and others along the vast coast. Keep in touch with Nate Stansberry at the shop (541 342 7005) for coastal fishing conditions and guided fishing trips on the Oregon Coast. –CD




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3 Responses to Oregon Coast fishing report

  1. Rob R says:

    soooo cool. and delicious 🙂 thanks fellas!

  2. J Bonzer says:

    Nate, Your right! Great Pics. Looks like you had fun.

  3. Bpaul says:

    Looks hella fun.

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