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Bacon, Hickman from Buster WTF on a Alaska West King bender
Fear and Loathing on Alaska West: Follow along with the Buster Crew for some great photos, huge mouse-eating trout, and monster kings this week. My favorite line “A guy once told me kings don’t eat flies. That guy was dumb.”

Chester Allen slamming sea-run cutthroat in Puget Sound
Chester Allen is pounding the Sea Run Cutthroat up in Puget Sound this month on sand lance patterns. “The sea-run cutts of early summer are fat and glossy and just hammer the right fly. There are no gentle takes in June.”

Fishing Jones Q&A w/ Corey Kruitbosch
If you’re interested in fly fishing photography, check out the new Fishing Jones Q&A with Corey Kruitbosch. This guys pics are showing up everywhere, The Drake, This Is Fly, Catch, Midcurrent.

Nautilus reels Traveler program
Nautilus reels has a new deal going where you can borrow a reel for an exotic fly fishing trip and return it with stories and a photo for Nautilus’ blog. The fly reel will be laser engraved with every location it has been fished.

Trout Unlimited drops the ball on national clean up day
Forty Rivers to Freedom has a pretty scathing analysis of Trout Unlimited’s National River Clean Up Day on June 13th, noting that only 13 chapters had actually signed up on the TU Website. From the post: Now I understand that many local TU chapters hold annual cleanups on certain days of the year, and might not have had the resources to adjust their schedule. I understand that some might not want to adjust their schedule to accommodate their big, national brother who so often fails to back them up when they need a hand. But what I don’t understand is how out of the hundreds of local chapters across the country, only 13 are participating. Definitely needed a little more communication on this one.

ODFW Electro-fishing the Crooked River next week
Biologists from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife will sample the Crooked River below Bowman Dam for redband trout and mountain whitefish from Monday, June 22 through Friday, June 26.

April Vokey starting a new fly fishing TV show
Look for a new Canadian fly fishing TV show with April Vokey called Fly Nation, according to April Vokey’s Blog.

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