Mothers Day Caddis fly tying video: Barrett’s P90 Caddis

Happ Father’s Day folks! This variation of the Matthews X-Caddis, dubbed the P90 by Barrett, is an excellent caddis imitation for the tough-to-fish Mothers Day Caddis blizzard hatches of the spring months. It’s also a good summer caddis pattern in various colors for the Deschutes. You’ll have to ask Barrett what the P90 means. Definitely a different spin on the caddis dry fly, with the curved shank hook, CDC underwing and the goose biot body.


Barrett’s Mothers Day Caddis, aka P90 Caddis
Hook: TMC 2488 #16
Thread: 6/0 Black
Tail: Hairline Sparkle Emerger Yarn
Body: Gray Goose Biot
Underwing: Dun CDC puff
Wing: Dun-dyed Comparadun deer hair

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2 Responses to Mothers Day Caddis fly tying video: Barrett’s P90 Caddis

  1. b-christ says:

    P90 X-caddis!

  2. junior says:

    Hello, I liked a lot of pattern, especially liked the colors, very similar to those of insects I find in my rivers.
    I have followed your blog with great interest and now dream in fish in their rivers, congratulations.
    I put a link to your blog on my blog.

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