McKenzie remains high but fishing decent

Yesterday I floated from Deerhorn Bridge to Belinger ramp on the McKenzie River. A long float for 5 hours but when the river is running in excess of 6500 cubic feet per second , you need some distance. We fished the “highlights”, visible depth changes, inside turns, and riffles with moderate speed. It was bright and windy,  despite excellent numbers of March Browns, Pale Morning Duns and small Caddis very few fish came to the surface between 12-5pm. Fishing dries was completely futile,  and swinging wets yielded a few small fish. Like many days this spring the two fly nymph rig was the ticket. Five to six feet of distance between Thingamabobber and a Golden Stone Nymph, then a Possie Bugger tied off the bend of the Golden Stone. Both bugs worked but every one of the larger fish ate the Golden Stone. Activity was best between 2pm and 5pm.–CD

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  1. Doug Williams says:

    I’ll add that as the other person in the boat–the one with the fun part–the river was scenic, with ospreys, mergansers, and one bald eagle. Fish came with satisfying regularity to the call of the fly. Beautiful spawners flung themselves with savage abandon on the golden stone–though we only saw one buzzing its way upstream–and for what was perhaps an off day, it was much better than the very best days on many other places I’ve fished. Great fish, pleasant company, a good day.

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