McKenzie and Willamette rise but still fishable

Recent rains have raisedour local streams a bit but they are still very fish-able. Hopefully warmer air temperatures and a recent warmer water “flush” will improve fishing. It would seem we are a bit in between with larger fish activity. The occasional decent fish is showing on the lower McKenzie and Willamette but we need those larger bugs like Green McKenzie Caddis and Golden Stones to spur  the big fish to feed more regularly.

On Saturday conditions were perfect. A calm warm morning had Pale Morning Duns emerging around 10am. We caught fish on swung wets, Light Cahills , Greenwell Spiders, and Possie Buggers. Just when the anticipated March Brown emergence was in progress,  a huge mass of unsettled mass of air moved in. Wind gusts had to have reached 40mph. Debris and recently emerged bugs went flying into the water, bank and trees. Needless to say things did not progress in the desired direction. We still caught a few fish but fishing wasn’t great from Hendricks to Hayden on the lower McKenzie.–CD

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  1. Grant Hancock says:

    Fished Deerhorn stretch by McKenzie River golf course Tues. 5/19. water Clear but high and fast. seen 2 boats with steelhead using Roe. I used Spin-n-glows and shrimp. going up today. 5/21

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