Trout Opener Tip: Avoid Marten Rapids

Saturday is opening day of trout season on the Mckenzie River, a day that always brings out the crowds. If you plan on floating the Mckenzie in the next few weeks be sure to avoid Marten Rapids.

The log that was at the top of the rapid last year has moved into the rapid proper and another log has lodged itself at the upper portion of Marten. Crews plan on removing the obstructions in the next couple weeks when the water gets lower but for now it is best to skip running the rapid altogether.

Ben and Kay Dorris is your last chance to take out upstream and Helfrich is your first put in downstream of the rapid.

Here are a couple links to the story:

Guide: Avoid Marten Rapids on the Mckenzie River

Dangerous Debris on the Mckenzie River

Get out there, have a good time, catch some fish . . . but above all be safe. Good Luck!–KM

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