Gamakatsu fly hooks second to none

Gamakatsu has been making premium quality hooks since 1955. Made of high quality, High Carbon Steel Gamakatsu hooks are super sharp and consistently perfect out of the box. They are made in thier own facility, which is one of the most technologicaly advanced in the world.  Gamakatsu measures hooks by the sharpness, hardness, and viscosity of the point. Using low quality materials results in points that are weak and not truly sharp. In order to use High Carbon Steel , Gamakatsu developed a unique electronic tempering process which enables hooks to be tempered in a stable condition. As a result, Gamakatsu is able to manufacture consistently high quality, extremely sharp hooks in large quantities.

Gamakatsu’s numbering system.

Going way back to old bronze Mustad and Partridge Hooks we’ve used a numbering system. We learned the numbers because that is just what you did. I am sure they had some sort of system in mind when the 3399a and 94840 were created but I never figured it out, I just memorized the numbers and equated numbers to hook type and style.  Over the years we learned to equate old Mustad numbers with new TMC numbers, 94840 became 100 and 9672 became 5262. Again not really sure what the numbers signified. Gamakatsu explains their numbering system in thier catalog and it really makes sense.

For example S11s-4L2H breaks down like this:

First letter=style of bend (S) is sproat, P=perfect C=curved  B=Bend L=Limerick T=Tapered R=Retainer

Second is the Model Number 11 is Gamakatsu’s model number for the given hook

Third Letter refers to the Eye Style, S=straight, U=up, V=vertical

Fourth in the code is the length of the hook L=Long, S=Short in the examples case we have a 4x long hook shank 

Fifth and finally possible code is the hooks strength H=hard/strong, F=fine, for our example we have 2x strong.

Not all Gamakatsu hooks use the entire code, they have used simpler terms for hooks with few variables and make some assumtions on more standard hooks. For example the C14S, our most popular glo bug hook, C=Curved 14=Model number and S=Straight eye, for the S10a fantastic dry fly hook S=Sproat or Standard bend 10=model number and everything else is assumed, down eye,  standard wire, standard length.

Below is a discussion of many Gamakatsu fly hooks. Each hook was developed with specific applications in mind.  These are amazing hooks and anglers will not be dissapointed with their performance.

S10 Standard Down Eye, multi use dries and wets. We have been using the S10 as our standard dry fly hook, it’s slightly longer than most standard length hooks, light, strong and micro-barbed for easy crimping.


C15BV Vertical Eye, Emerger/Klinkhammer Barbless Hook. Super light wire designed to have the curved shank sit  sub surface. When tying sparse emerger types this is a nice choice. Near the eye there is a flat spot for a parachute post or wing.

klinkhammer hook


C14S Glo Bug hook. Short Shank, ridiculously strong and sharp, we love this hook for glo bugs, tube fly trailer hooks, and carp corn flies.


L11S-3H Salmon Steelhead 3x strong. We love this one for Chinook flies. Comets and Clousers are excellent on the L11S-3H.


B10S Stinger Hook, 1x strong  Stinger.  Awesome bass fly and streamer fly hook with a massive gap, sharp point and straight eye. Barrett likes this one for his Bassmaster Cascade Killer.


T10-6H Salmon Steelhead Tapered Loop Up-Eye.  A good all around standard wire Steelhead fly hook.  Elongated razor sharp point makes the T10-6H sticky.


SP11-3L3H Perfect bend Saltwater long shank. Great for poppers, longer streamer patterns and billfish in the larger sizes. Tin plated, sharpenable and friendly when you leave it in a fish.



SC15 Saltwater wide gap, tin plated. Excellent for shrimp patterns, saltwater tube flies, and small tarpon flies. Lighter wire than the SC17 makes this hook a bit more versatile in saltwater arena.



SC17 Tarpon specific. This hook is an absolute killer. Once this one sticks it’s the best hook on the market to help you land the fish. Extra strong and sharp this hook is flat out burly. Tarpon Toads and Bunny Baitfish patterns are must on this hook.



SL45 Saltwater Bonefish Hook. I really like this hook for lighter bonefish flies. When you are tying your tailing patterns, no eyes or mono eyes the SL45 is great. My hook up rates are better with the SL45 than the Mustad 3407.


For consistently high quality, sharp hooks with great design give Gamakatsu a try, you will not be disappointed.–CD

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2 Responses to Gamakatsu fly hooks second to none

  1. Simon Graham says:

    I’ve been using the SL12S Big game saltwater hooks now for over three years for my Pike flies and find it hard to change to other brands.
    Top quality hooks

  2. Rob R says:

    Gamakatsu provides the best, most reliable hooks for salmon and steelhead fishing, period. Everyone else can get in line behind the best.

    I like the fact that Owner and others have tried all kind of gimicks, while Gami just keeps making the same great hooks.

    Sticky sharp, strong, and consistent. Thanks Gami!!!

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