North Umpqua Winter Steelhead heating up

It would seem long in coming but the North Umpqua river is fishing well for wild steelhead. Tony Wratney and Jeff Carr of Summer Run Guide Service had a nice weekend on the North.  Using a Sage 7136-4 Z-Axis Spey Rod a Skagit spey line with sinking tip and a “lowly glowly”the guys caught some great fish. The Umpqua has really come on strong late the past couple of years. It will fish really well all through the month of March. Call the shop to set up a trip or get down there on your own, “it’s happening” now!!–CD


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  1. Cory Dixon says:

    Swinging a lowly glowly? Really? Tony looks more like the Intruder type of guy to me. I’m cringing right now thinking about how many cars are going to be there with me on Saturday now.

  2. jason says:

    I thought there were weight restictions on the north umpqua?
    ie: no weighted eyes on lowly glowly

  3. Karl Mueller says:

    The weight restrictions on the North Umpqua flywater are for the summer months only and are intended to prevent fish from being hooked at a much higher rate during the warm water periods of summer when mortality rates substantially increase. I’m not sure where these fellows were but the mouth to the fly-water is prety much standard zone regs, bait allowed, weight allowed, etc.

    From the 2009 regs, page 36

    7. North Umpqua River from fly area
    boundary above Rock Creek,
    upstream to Soda Springs Dam
    (31 miles)

    July 1-Sept. 30 all angling restricted to use of single barbless unweighted artificial fly.
    For the purposes of this rule, an unweighted artificial fly is defined as: “a conventional hook that is dressed with natural or artificial materials, and to which no molded weight (such as split shot, jig heads or dumbbell eyes), metal wire, metal beads, bead chain eyes, or plastic body are affixed, and to which no added weight, spinning or attractor device, or natural bait is attached.”
    Jan. 1-June 30 and Oct. 1-Dec. 31 restricted to fly angling only with single barbless.

  4. Karl Mueller says:

    That is one incredibly beautiful hen! I’ve been drooling on my keyboard since she was posted . . . I can’t seem to stop staring.

    Nice work!

  5. jason says:

    Special Gear Restrictions and Closures
    • Any type rod or reel permitted, but no metal core lines and no added weights or
    attachments to line, leader or fly.

    thanks for the comment i had just thought that this ment no added weight copied from page 37 as a continuation of the winter regulations

  6. Karl Mueller says:


    The regsare really opaque on this issue. That continuation you speak of is for the winter regulation but is about additional weight, not weight incorporated into the fly. A bit hard to follow for sure!

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