Poacher Apparently Pillages Yachats River

On February 18, 2009 a stream survey team found a gillnet hidden in the bushes where Beamer Creek Road intersects the diminutive and inaptly named Yachats River.

Located  south of Newport, the Yachats hosts runs of fall chinook and coho as well as winter steelhead.  Special angling regulations are in place to protect these runs.  Anglers are permitted to keep one chinook per day up to five for the season. The stream is closed to retention of coho or steelhead.  Non-commercial use of nets is never legal in Oregon rivers except to land a legally hooked fish.  Nothing wipes out a run faster than an indiscriminate curtain of death.

Tips should be called in to Senior Trooper Doug Canfield at (541) 265-5354, Ext. 304.

Be safe out there but do your best to report poachers, there is a number on the back of your license.  TURN IN POACHERS BY CALLING: 1-800-452-7888.–KM

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3 Responses to Poacher Apparently Pillages Yachats River

  1. Kip Wood says:

    Thank you so much for running the article about poaching on the Yachats River. The Yachats is a small and very sensitive river. There have been a lot of landowners,fishermen, and fisheries restoration workers (myself included) that have been working very hard to resore runs in the Yachats River. It only takes one idiot with a gill net a very short time to undo years of hard work. This type of activity will not be tolerated in any way shape or form.
    Again thankyou so much for posting the story.
    Kip Wood

  2. Fishhead says:

    Jungle warfare works too, game cameras, mines and bungee sticks

  3. Karl Mueller says:

    I encourage people to do what they can to prevent poaching within reason.

    This would include getting photos of the perps in action but only if you can do so w/out being detected. I wouldn’t risk my personal safety.

    If you think there could be a problem, better to just call it in and leave law enforcement to the law enforcers.

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