Argentina Trip Preview: Fly Fishing Dorado

The Caddis Fly will be hosting a trip to Northern Argentina to kick off 2009. Our fishing will be on the delta of the San Javier and San Javierito rivers, in Santa Fe Province. The quarry is the Golden Dorado, or “Tiger of the Parana”. The fish are incredible predators that crush huge streamers slapped near them, or stripped by them.



“Although the Dorado may reach 30 pounds, the average size in this area has held between 5 and 15 pounds, but there are also larger ones. The freshwater Dorado is considered to be the single most challenging native freshwater game fish of South America. It is a radiant, golden-hued, salmon-like fish with an extremely powerful jaw and razor-sharp teeth. Unlike the salmon, however, the Dorado does not succumb after spawning and never swims to the ocean. The Dorado is an exceptionally strong swimmer. The world record is 70 pounds”


Shauna dorado

judy and dorado

black water parana

boat dorado


It’s best to use wire tipped leader and large deceiver type patterns. Large streamers that move water and make a splash when they land.  The fish are amazing, their strike is incredibly fast and powerful. They have Parana like jaws, Salmon shaped bodies and Snook like pull.  To cast these huge flies a stout rod is required. I will be testing the new Sage TCX series of rods. Five, Six and Eight weight rods matched with Nautilus and Sage reels. Tropical lines will be a nessesity as air temperatures can reach 100 humid degrees.

The river systems in the Sante Fe province are immense and diverse. Thousands of small streams and channels are habitat to Dorados, Piranas, Catfish and numerous other species.

Flies for these awesome game fish look like the following creations.-Cd

dorado box

dorado slayer

dorado fly

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  1. frate says:

    increible, yo vivo en una zona del rio uruguay donde se pueden pescar hermosos dorados parecidos a estos, se llama el Soberbio.

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