Fall fly fishing on the Deschutes River, Central Oregon

Lou Verdugo, Caddis Employee and Guide spent last week with a few of his friends on the Deschutes, from Trout Creek to Maupin. The steelheading was fair and the trout fishing was very good. Steelhead were caught nymphing on Copper Johns and the infamous “Possie Bugger”.

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During the mid-day trout were very active in the Deschutes back eddies. Trout were rising for small olive mayfly imitations and olive X-caddis. During the evenings, the October Caddis hatch was “full on” with foam October caddis patterns, X Caddis, and Caddis pupa working very well.



Fall on the Deschutes is a very special time and allows time for reflection and of course, some seriously great fishing! The weather pattern was very good (perhaps a bit too good for the steelheading!) and allowed for easy camp set ups and take downs.



The route from Trout Creek to Maupin always brings a level of anxiousness in dealing with Whitehorse Rapids.

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The Deschutes is a very special place and during the fall the canyon becomes more majestic with the fall colors and a great place to enjoy some fantastic fishing with great friends. -LV

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  1. Rick says:

    I am planning a trip around October 15th & was wondering where a good section of the river was to camp & flyfish for trout & steelhead?………..Rick

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